Friday, March 28, 2014

Coffee Date Friday: Early Mornings, Spring Cleaning, & Childproofing

If we were meeting up for coffee today, I'd say make it two cups, because this momma was up every two hours last night and then up for good at dawn. Anyone who knows me knows that early mornings are not my finest hour. But I've actually gotten three loads of laundry done, plus I cleaned out the trunk of my car, did 45 minutes of yoga, had a lovely lunch date at Panera Bread with my lil man, and I've gotten a good start on spring cleaning. So maybe there's something to that "early bird gets the worm" thing after all... Who knew? 

Anyway, if there's any face worth waking up for, it's this one:
Ezzy was such a little ham at Panera Bread. We sat on the patio, so we could watch the cars (of course) and he was just cracking himself up for no particular reason at all. He was completely content for more than an hour to just sit in his high chair, eating blueberries and a quesadilla while swiveling his around head to look at every car, truck, and bus that passed by. After he was done eating I gave him an empty plastic cup and that completely rocked his world. He was slobbering all over it and screaming at it and waving it wildly in the air. A young lady sitting next to us came over to comment on how cute Ezzy is, and said that he's so well-behaved he makes her want to have kids. I had to agree, I'm one lucky mom - Ezzy makes parenthood pretty easy (even taking into account the up at dawn thing). 

Can I just take a moment to say that life is completely different with a crawler? Before if I set Ezzy down somewhere, I knew exactly where he'd be when I came back. Today I took the trash outside and was gone for under a minute. I came back to an eerily quiet house with no sign of a baby. I tracked him down to the kitchen - which is of course the one room of the house that I really want him to stay out of. So now I've got this fancy childproof gate in place:

So you know what Joe and I will be up to this weekend: child proofing! Oh, and baby birthday party planning. I can't believe he'll be one is just over a month! Joe has been scouting venues, while I've been looking at cakes on Pinterest. Because cake is the most important part of any party, as far as I'm concerned. All I really care about as far as his party is concerned are getting some good photos of him smashing cake into his face. The kind of photos I can bring out one day to show to his future girlfriend. (Yes, I will be that kind of mom!)

So that's life over here, what's new and exciting with you?


  1. I was doing some cleaning Friday too! I washed the kids bedding, did four other loads of laundry, cleaned out the trash and then vacuumed the car (and trunk), then I mowed the lawn. My dad kept winning about how it needed to be edged and blowed first, but I was like I don't care the lawn is getting mowed now. Give me the mower! lol I'm trying to do something nice, now just let me do it!

    Baby proofing. So fun! I especially love how they can find the smallest thing on the floor for you, after you swept and vacuumed the whole house. They have magic radar for that. Oh so you think your house is clean? Let me bring over my baby and we can find out for sure ;-)

    I love that pic of him in his diaper crawling around. He looks like Mogly (sp) from the Jungle Book with his butt in the air like that. Such a cutie! Reminds me of Alex, he was always running in just his diaper.

    Saturday was opening baseball day. Which means that we get to spend the entire day doing baseball stuff! We arrived at the field at 7:45 for the opening ceremony. The board members give a speech, we sing the anthem, have our opening pitches, then they announce each team. Then we had a two hour break before our next activity. Our team picture was scheduled for 1130. Unfortunatly our coaches other team was running late with their game, so we had to wait an hour before he got there. Then we walked back over to the ballpark for their first game of the season.All 100 teams have a game that day, so they are only half as long. We tied. Alex struck out, then got out at first, and he played third base.

    Well that's it for now. Everything else you get in a text ;-)

    1. Lol, we've caught Ezzy examining microscopic things off the floor too! Not that I really had any delusions that my floors were clean in the first place... And I thought he looked like Mowgli too when he does that downward dog yoga pose. He reminds me of the scene when he's marching with the elephants :)

      It must be so cute watching Alex play baseball. I love the pictures you posted! We can't wait until Ezzy's old enough for that stuff (assuming he likes that kind of stuff, which, given his current fascination with balls, I think he will).