Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's the Little Things: Extra Sunshine

I'm a day late on this Little Things post because the internet wasn't working yesterday. As a result I got more cleaning and working out done than usual, but I'm so glad to have internet back today!!

I know we lost an hour during the time change, and that seemed to throw everyone (including Ezzy) off for about a week, but now that we're all settled back into a normal-ish sleep routine, I'm loving this extra sunshine we get in the evening. We've been doing after-work walks, trips to the park, and Ezzy's most favorite thing: watching cars drive by. 

At the park, Ezzy was a little uncertain about standing in his bare feet on the grass. He was doing the one-legged flamingo pose at first (much like when we went to the beach over the weekend.) But then he got used to it and he was all about walking on the grass (holding Daddy's hands, of course). And he is getting so fast at walking. By the time he really gets the hang of doing it on his own, he's going to be sprinting!

Happy first day of Spring! And great big Birthday wishes and lots of love to Auntie Daniela! 

One more favorite little moment from this week was playing "catch" with Ezzy. Since Ezzy loves throwing anything and everything he gets his hands on, it only makes sense that his favorite toy would be a ball. 

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  1. Stopping by from the link up: Your pictures are too cute! My daughter was the same way when she first felt grass on her bare feet after starting to walk. She didn't love the sensation at all. haha Those little ones are so funny. Have a fabulous day!