Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's the Little Things: From Baby to Active Little Boy

This week has been an interesting one. Ezzy's mobility has snowballed from tentative, cautious crawler to full-blown cruising all over the house. I officially can't take my eyes off of his for a minute or he'll be in another room. Pair that with some no-nap afternoons, and he's definitely keeping me on my toes. 

One of the things that Joe and I keep marveling at is how Ezzy has morphed into such an opinionated little person. He has definite preferences about how he wants to spend his time. One of his favorite activities is to play with the window blinds next to our bed. He's been fascinated by them since he was little, but now he's strong enough to pull himself up using the window ledge and then he'll bat at the blinds and giggle and look at me to make sure I find it all as amusing as he does. I'm not gonna lie, this is how we spend most mornings, because it gives me an extra few moments to lie in bed and reminisce about the days that he used to get up at 8:00, instead of before 7:00, which has become his new norm. Also, when he falls backward, it gives me a few minutes of snuggle time, and I gotta take advantage of those moments while I can!
I love every moment of snuggles I can get with this guy!

Another consistent favorite pastime is to watch cars driving by. So earlier this week we had a little mommy son coffee date at Starbucks and sat out on the patio watching the cars. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but the proper way to watch cars is to bounce up and down each time one passes by. Which, on a busy street, is about every two seconds. So our car watching date was also an arm workout for me while I attempted to stabilize a jubilant bouncing boy on my lap. Killing two birds with one stone, I guess?
"No time to look at the camera, ma! There's cars driving by!"
How'd you get all the way over there??
Possibly the best toy investment we've made since the exersaucer is this new ball that Joe had an urge to buy at Target last week. It's not Ezzy's only toy ball, but it is by far his favorite. Sometimes we'll hold him up so he can chase after the ball and kick it. He'll practically run after it, kicking it from room to room with laser focus. And that boy has gotten fast at walking! Usually Joe or I tire out before he does. (Bending over to help him walk is not very back-friendly!) Once our backs give out, we'll sit Ezzy on the floor and roll or bounce the ball to him. He has gotten so good at catching the ball and bouncing or rolling it back to us. His aim is already better than mine. It's amazing to us that he's actually interacting and playing games with us now. Joe's already looking forward to when they can go to the park and play catch together. Last night Joe said he was even trying to dribble the ball, but I didn't witness that. And when we need a few minutes to use both of our hands (like right now as I'm writing this blog) we just set Ezzy on the floor with the ball and he'll bat it around and then crawl after it, which entertains him for awhile. Seriously, did I mention that ball is the best investment we've made lately??

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What were your favorite little moments this week?


  1. Aww loving those chubby cheeks! So cute what they find amusing, like blinds. Anything that keeps you in bed a few extra minutes is golden!